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    Copied from "Training workbook - Maestro"


    The high technology instrument pack, standard fitment on VP and MG1600 and optional on other models.
    It is important for you to know not only how to diagnose and rectify problems, but also what you should expect to see and hear when it is working correctly. We will examine the panel first.


    The speedometer is a digital display, wheras the analogue displays, the tachometer and fuel and temperature gauges read out in a series of bars, or chaplets as they are called.
    When the ignition is first turned on there is a 3 second period when the display can be checked. The speedometer will show a check mode and the analogue displays will illuminate all chaplets. You will also expect to see all the warning lights illuminate but not the informatory lights. So use this time to make a visual display check
    A demonstration display is brought on by pressing the "time" and "average" buttons simultaneously. This is called the showroom mode, and it will remain until the engine is started or the ignition is switched off.

    Other controls are; a rheostat knob to adjust the brightness of the display when the side lights are on, and a "convert" button to change the speedometer from miles to kilometers. Incidentally the odometer is electro-mechanical and will not convert to kilometers


    Now the computer and voice synthesis panel. We will start with the computer.
    To make it work it requires an input from the fuel flow, engine speed and time, only time and date require setting
    and when the correct time is programmed the computer becomes operational. This is done by using the 'H' and 'M' buttons
    Incidentally the "Clear" button will clear all information from the computer memory except the time and date. To do this, hold it down for 3 seconds
    Next the voice synthesis unit. It has a vocabulary of 15 statements. Six of them introduce the computer readouts, and the other 9 give cautions and warnings, such as "low fuel" . "warning, high engine temperature" , "handbrake on".
    Some warnings are spoken once only. For example, the message "low fuel" is spokenonly once when the bottom chaplet on the fuel gauge is reached. A further message "warning low fuel" is given once only, when the warning light starts to flash.
    However "Warning, low oil pressure" is repeated every 5 seconds, unless the engine speed drops below 400rpm
    It is important that you know what to expect from the voice synthesis unit so you can answer any customer queries that may arise. (see appendix for further details)
    Some final points on the computer panel are: The 'restrict' button enables the driver to restrict voice messages to warnings only. If the "volume" knob is turned fully anti-clockwise, voice synthesis will be turned off
    and you can check the voice synthesis unit by pressing all three bottom buttons simultaneously. The voice will then go through its complete vocabulary dependant on the position of the "restrict" button.



    When the ignition key is turned to ignition position, the speedometer reads 288 mph / kph, and the tachometer, fuel and temperature will show maximum, the computer display will read 88:88. All warning lights will display (This does not include turn signal, main beam and side light indicators).
    All the above displays will illuminate at night time level.
    This mode serves as a display and warning light check
    After 3 SECONDS the display will revert to correct presentation unless the engine is started prior to the 3 second period, at which time will revert to its correct presentation
    Speech synthesis is inhibited during the 3 second check period


    Turn on the ignition and press TIME and AVE buttons simultaneously. Display will illuminate as follows: Speedometer at 150mph (240 kph), tachometer at approx 5600 rpm, five bars of fuel, five bars of temperature.
    The display will illuminate at night time level and remain until the ignition is switched off or the engine started


    First press displays time, HOURS & MINUTES (12 hour clock). The display will hold. To adjust "hours" and "minutes" settings use "H" amd "M" buttons. The clock setting is to a 24 hour clock, so that the calendar will change dates at 12 midnight, not midday.
    Voice announces "Time" when time button is pressed

    Second press of the TIME button will display DATE & MONTH. The display will revert to hours and minutes after 3 seconds. To adjust "date and "month" settings, use "H" & "M" buttons whilst date and month are displayed

    Press the CLEAR button for 3 seconds to clear the computer memory of all information held, except the time and date.
    Voice unit announces "clear" after button is held for at least 3 seconds

    Press the DIST button to display the distance travelled since the last "clear". The display will hold and read out in miles or kilometers according to speedometer setting.
    Voice unit announces "Trip Distance"

    Press the FUEL button to display the amount of fuel used since last "Clear". The display will hold and read out in gallons or litres according to speedometer setting.
    Voice unit announces "Fuel Used"

    Press the INST button to display the instantaneous fuel consumption. The display will hold and read out in miles per gallon or litres per hundred kilometers according to the speedometer setting.
    Voice unit announces "Instantaneous Fuel Consumption"

    Press the AVE button to display the average fuel consumption since the last "Clear". The display will hold and read out in miles per gallon or litres per hundred kilometers according to the speedometer setting.
    Voice unit announces "Average Fuel Consumption"

    Press the RESTRICT button to cut out both the computer verbal messages and the instrument pack informative announcements. All 5 "warning" announcements will remain operative. Press the button a second time to revert.


    Note: All audible cautions and warnings are preceded by an attention getter two-note signal.

    "Please fasten your seatbelt"

    One message only, 15 seconds after ignition is switched on. This message can be restricted.

    "Low Fuel"

    One message only when bottom chaplet on fuel gauge is reached. This message can be restricted

    "Warning, low fuel"

    One message only. When fuel level drops further the final red chaplet will flash in conjunction with the fuel warning light. This signal continues until sufficient fuel is added. This message cannot be restricted.

    "Warning, high engine temperature"

    Spoken when last red chaplet on engine temperature gauge reached - repeated once after 10 seconds.

    "Warning, low oil pressure"

    Inhibited below engine speed of 400 rpm. Repeated every 5 seconds. The warning light is continuous, the message cannot be restricted

    "Lights on"

    One message only if lights are left on with any open door. This message can be

    "Handbrake on"

    Message repeated every 20 seconds when the vehicle speed is over 3 mph if handbrake still on. The handbrake warning light is continuous. This message can be restricted

    "Warning, battery not charging"

    Message repeated every 60 seconds (inhibited below engine speed of 400rpm). The battery condition light is continuous. This message cannot be restricted.

    "Warning, check brake system"

    This message is spoken for both pad wear or brake failure indications. The message is spoken three times at ten second intervals
    Both the brake pad wear and the brake failure warning lights are continuous. This message cannot be restricted.


    1. Press the RESTRICT button to confine voice synthesis unit to warning announcements only. Press it a second time to revert to all announcements ie. warning an information voice modes
    2. Turn the VOLUME knob to alter the volume of voice announcments. Turn the knob fully anti clockwise to disconnect all voice announcements
    3. The voice unit will interrupt any audio in car entertainment which is in use, whenever the "volume" knob is turned on.
    4. Simultaneously pressing the FUEL, INST and AVE buttons will cause the voice unit to progressively broadcast all messages. If the restrict button has been pressed, these messages will be restricted to warnings only

    Review Quiz 3

    And here is the quiz!

    1. Which buttons have to be pressed to bring on the showroom display mode?
    2. How do you obtain a date readout on the computer display?
    3. What settings must be made to make the computer operational?
    4. What is the purpose of the CLEAR button?
    5. How many announcements remain operable when the RESTRICT button has been pressed and what are they?
    6. Audio warnings are preceeded by a two-note signal (TRUE/FALSE)
    7. If the RESTRICT button is operating, how do you reset the system to allow all verbal messages to be made?
    8. The message "warning high engine temperature" is repeated every 10 seconds (TRUE/FALSE)
    9. The high engine temperature and low oil pressure warning lights flash (TRUE/FALSE)
    10. As fuel is used, the low fuel warning light starts to flash when the bottom chaplet on the fuel gauge is reached (TRUE/FALSE)
    11. All illumination bulbs in the instrument panel except one are 1.2 watts (TRUE/FALSE)
    12. Information stored in the computer memory is cleared as soon as the CLEAR button is pressed (TRUE/FALSE)