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Top Tip for Brake disc Removal

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  • Top Tip for Brake disc Removal

    I was given a tip the other day which I used yesterday and it worked a treat.

    If the disc is seized onto the hub ,get a hacksaw (decent blade) and saw right through the disc and down towards the hub,take care not to saw into the drive flange ,then try to open out the slot with a cold chiszel (wear eye protection) this action has the effect of movining the disc slightly on the flange and breaking the rust and off it comes without resorting to ten bells of hammering and risking damagng the hub bearings.

    Bye the way this is posted in this slot and not the tech section as for some reason I cant post or reply in there ,can you sort it for me Jon please?

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    It's quicker if you grind it as I've had to do in the past with my wife's MGF.
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