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  • brakes

    hello I have a couple of ledbury maestro and 1994 rover maestros 12.75cc engines
    I was looking at getting a set of front brake calipers to have has spares.
    there is a set on ebay but they say they only for 1983/91
    does anybody know the difference between them and the post 1991 rover maestros.
    and could they be converted if there is a difference

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    Pretty sure they are all the same, the only differences on any front brakes on Maestro/Montego would be between vented & non vented discs, my guess is that they would be made in '91 so date on packaging would stop then, I have seen this on sets of pads and other things that I knew were definately the same before...if they are the ones I just looked at they seem pretty reasonable price too, 30 quid a pair rather than 30 quid each, I just got a pair for my '84 Maestro, but there are still some left


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      Only difference is solid or vented brakes. The 1.3 always got solids from memory. - The Tickford Maestro Turbo Register - The Rover 200/400 (R8) Owners Club - My Rover Diesel Site


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        thank you for your replys