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    Numberplate two letter area code system.

    In the now redundant system, the numberplate contained a group of three letters at the end. The second and third letters denote the location of first registration.

    For example:

    A234 UYU

    The second and third letters denote the location of first registration:

    A234 UYU

    'YU' = London (Central)

    On suffix registered cars it works in the following way. For example:

    CCW 925Y

    CCW 925Y

    'CW' = Preston

    AA Bournemouth
    AB Worcester
    AC Coventry
    AD Gloucester
    AE Bristol
    AF Truro
    AG Hull
    AH Norwich
    AI County Meath
    AJ Middlesbrough
    AK Sheffield
    AL Nottingham
    AM Swindon
    AN Reading
    AO Carlisle
    AP Brighton
    AR Chelmsford
    AS Inverness
    AT Hull
    AU Nottingham
    A V Peterborough
    AW Shrewsbury
    AX Cardiff
    AY Leicester
    AZ Belfast

    BA Manchester
    BB Newcastle upon Tyne
    BC Leicester
    BD Northampton
    BE Lincoln
    BF Stoke on Trent
    BG Liverpool
    BH Luton
    BI County Monaghan
    BJ Ipswich
    BK Portsmouth
    BL Reading
    BM Luton
    BN Manchester
    BO Cardiff
    BP Portsmouth
    BR Newcastle upon Tyne
    BS Aberdeen
    BT Leeds
    BU Manchester
    BV Preston
    BW Oxford
    BX Haverfordwest
    BY London (North West)
    BZ County Down

    CA Chester
    CB Manchester
    CC Bangor
    CD Brighton
    CE Peterborough
    CF Reading
    CG Bournemouth
    CH Nottingham
    CI Queens County (now County Laois)
    CJ Gloucester
    CK Preston
    CL Norwich
    CM Liverpool
    CN Newcastle upon Tyne
    CO Exeter
    CP Huddersfield
    CR Portsmouth
    CS Glasgow
    CT Lincoln
    CU Newcastle upon Tyne
    CV Truro
    CW Preston
    CX Huddersfield
    CY Swansea
    CZ Belfast

    DA Birmingham
    DB Manchester
    DC Middlesbrough
    DD Gloucester
    DE Haverfordwest
    DF Gloucester
    DG Gloucester
    DH Dudley
    DI County Roscommon
    DJ Liverpool
    DK Manchester
    DL Portsmouth (Reserved for cars registered on Isle of Wight)
    DM Chester
    DN Leeds
    DO Lincoln
    DP Reading
    DR Exeter
    DS Glasgow
    DT Sheffield
    DU Coventry
    DV Exeter
    DW Cardiff
    DX Ipswich
    DY Brighton
    DZ County Antrim

    EA Dudley
    EB Peterborough
    EC Preston
    ED Liverpool
    EE Lincoln
    EF Middlesbrough
    EG Peterborough
    EH Stoke on Trent
    EI County Sligo
    EJ Haverfordwest
    EK Liverpool
    EL Bournemouth
    EM Liverpool
    EN Manchester
    EO Preston
    EP Swansea
    ER Peterborough
    ES Dundee
    ET Sheffield
    EU Bristol
    EV Chelmsford
    EW Peterborough
    EX Norwich
    EY Bangor
    EZ Belfast

    FA Stoke on Trent
    FB Bristol
    FC Oxford
    FD Dudley
    FE Lincoln
    FF Bangor
    FG Brighton
    FH Gloucester
    FI County Tipperary (North Riding)
    FJ Exeter
    FK Dudley
    FL Peterborough
    FM Chester
    FN Maidstone
    FO Gloucester
    FP Leicester
    FR Preston
    FS Edinburgh
    FT Newcastle upon Tyne
    FU Lincoln
    FV Preston
    FW Lincoln
    FX Bournemouth
    FY Liverpool
    FZ Belfast

    GA Glasgow
    GB Glasgow
    GC London (South West)
    GD Glasgow
    GE Glasgow
    GF London (South West)
    GG Glasgow
    GH London (South West)
    GI County Tipperary (South Riding)
    GJ London (South West)
    GK London (South West)
    GL Truro
    GM Reading
    GN London (South West)
    GO London (South West)
    GP London (South West)
    GR Newcastle upon Tyne
    GS Luton
    GT London (South West)
    GU London (South East)
    GV Ipswich
    GW London (South Eas)
    GX London (South East)
    GY London (South East)
    GZ Belfast

    HA Dudley
    HB Cardiff
    HC Brighton
    HD Huddersfield
    HE Sheffield
    HF Liverpool
    HG Preston
    HH Carlisle
    HI County Tipperary (South Riding)
    HJ Chelmsford
    HK Chelmsford
    HL Sheffield
    HM London (Central)
    HN Middlesbrough
    HO Bournemouth
    HP Coventry
    HR Swindon
    HS Glasgow
    HT Bristol
    HU Bristol
    HV London (Central)
    HW Bristol
    HX London (Central)
    HY Bristol
    HZ County Tyrone

    IA County Antrim
    IB County Armagh
    IC County Carlow
    ID County Cavan
    IE County Clare
    IF County Cork
    IH County Donegal
    IJ County Down
    IK County Dublin
    IL County Fermanagh
    IM County Galway
    IN County Kerry
    IO County Kildare
    IP County Kilkenny
    IR Kings County (now County Offaly)
    IS County Mayo
    IT County Leitrim
    IU County Limerick
    IV County Limerick
    IW County Londonderry/Derry
    IX County Longford
    IY County Louth
    IZ County Mayo

    JA Manchester
    JB Reading
    JC Bangor
    JD London (Central)
    JE Peterborough
    JF Leicester
    JG Maidstone
    JH Reading
    JI County Tyrone
    JJ Maidstone
    JK Brighton
    JL Lincoln
    JM Reading
    JN Chelmsford
    JO Oxford
    JP Liverpool
    JR Newcastle upon Tyne
    JS Inverness
    JT Bournemouth
    JU Leicester
    JV Lincoln
    JW Birmingham
    JX Huddersfield
    JY Exeter
    JZ County Down

    KA Liverpool
    KB Liverpool
    KC Liverpool
    KD Liverpool
    KE Maidstone
    KF Liverpool
    KG Cardiff
    KH Hull
    KI County Waterford
    KJ Maidstone
    KK Maidstone
    KL Maidstone
    KM Maidstone
    KN Maidstone
    KO Maidstone
    KP Maidstone
    KR Maidstone
    KS Edinburgh
    KT Maidstone
    KU Sheffield
    KV Coventry
    KW Sheffield
    KX Luton
    KY Sheffield
    KZ CountyAntrim

    LA London (North West)
    LB London (North West)
    LC London (North West)
    LD London (North West)
    LE London (North West)
    LF London (North West)
    LG Chester
    LH London (North West)
    LI County Westmeath
    LJ Bournemouth
    LK London (North West)
    LL London (North West)
    LM London (North West)
    LN London (North West)
    LO London (North West)
    LP London (North West)
    LR London (North West)
    LS Edinburgh
    LT London (North West)
    LU London (North West)
    LV Liverpool
    LW London (North West)
    LX London (North West)
    LY London (North West)
    LZ CountyArmagh

    MA Chester
    MB Chester
    MC London (North East)
    MD London (North East)
    ME London (North East)
    MF London (North East)
    MG London (North East)
    MH London (North East)
    MI County Wexford
    MJ Luton
    MK London (North East)
    ML London (North East)
    MM London (North East)
    MN Isle of Man
    MO Reading
    MP London (North East)
    MR Swindon
    MS Edinburgh
    MT London (North East)
    MU London (North East)
    MV London (North East)
    MW Swindon
    MX London (North East)
    MY London (North East)
    MZ Belfast

    NA Manchester
    NB Manchester
    NC Manchester
    ND Manchester
    NE Manchester
    NF Manchester
    NG Norwich
    NH Northampton
    NI County Wicklow
    NJ Brighton
    NK Luton
    NL Newcastle
    NM Luton
    NN Nottingham
    NO Chelmsford
    NP Worcester
    NR Leicester
    NS Glasgow
    NT Shrewsbury
    NU Nottingham
    NV Northampton
    NW Leeds
    NX Dudley
    NY Cardiff
    NZ County Londonderry/Derry

    OA Birmingham
    OB Birmingham
    OC Birmingham
    OD Exeter
    OE Birmingham
    OF Birmingham
    OG Birmingham
    OH Birmingham
    OI Belfast
    OJ Birmingham
    OK Birmingham
    OL Birmingham
    OM Birmingham
    ON Birmingham
    OO Chelmsford
    OP Birmingham
    OR Portsmouth
    OS Glasgow
    OT Portsmouth
    OU Bristol
    OV Birmingham
    OW Portsmouth
    OX Birmingham
    OY London (North West)
    OZ Belfast

    PA Guildford
    PB Guildford
    PC Guildford
    PD Guildford
    PE Guildford
    PF Guildford
    PG Guildford
    PH Guildford
    PI Cork
    PJ Guildford
    PK Guildford
    PL Guildford
    PM Guildford
    PN Brighton
    PO Portsmouth ( Formerly Post Office vehicles)
    PP Luton
    PR Bournemouth
    PS Aberdeen
    PT Newcastle upon Tyne
    PU Chelmsford
    PV Ipswich
    PW Norwich
    PX Portsmouth
    PY Middlesbrough
    PZ Belfast

    RA Nottingham
    RB Nottingham
    RC Nottingham
    RD Reading
    RE Stoke on Trent
    RF Stoke on Trent
    RG Newcastle
    RH Hull
    RI County Dublin
    RJ Manchester
    RK London (North West)
    RL Truro
    RM Carlisle
    RN Preston
    RO Luton
    RP Northampton
    RR Nottingham
    RS Aberdeen
    RT Ipswich
    RU Bournemouth
    RV Portsmouth
    RW Coventry
    RX Reading
    RY Leicester
    RZ County Antrim

    SA Aberdeen
    SB Glasgow
    SC Edinburgh
    SD Glasgow
    SE Aberdeen
    SF Edinburgh
    SG Edinburgh
    SH Edinburgh
    SI County
    SJ Glasgow
    SK Inverness
    SL Dundee
    SM Carlisle
    SN Dundee
    SO Aberdeen
    SP Dundee
    SR Dundee
    SS Aberdeen
    ST Inverness
    SU Glasgow
    SW Carlisle
    SX Edinburgh
    SZ County Down

    TA Exeter
    TB Liverpool
    TC Bristol
    TD Manchester
    TE Manchester
    TF Reading
    TG Cardiff
    TH Swansea
    TI Limerick
    TJ Liverpool
    TK Exeter
    TL Lincoln
    TM Luton
    TN Newcastle upon Tyne
    TO Nottingham
    TP Portsmouth
    TR Portsmouth
    TS Dundee
    TT Exeter
    TU Chester
    TV Nottingham
    TW Chelmsford
    TX Cardiff
    TY Newcastle
    TZ Belfast

    UA Leeds
    UB Leeds
    UC London (Central)
    UD Oxford
    UE Dudley
    UF Brighton
    UG Leeds
    UH Cardiff
    UI County Londonderry/Derry
    UJ Shrewsbury
    UK Birmingham
    UL London (Central)
    UM Leeds
    UN Exeter
    UO Exeter
    UP Newcastle upon Tyne
    UR Luton
    US Glasgow
    UT Leicester
    UU London (Central)
    UV London (Central)
    UW London (Central)
    UX Shrewsbury
    UY Worcester
    UZ Belfast

    VA Peterborough
    VB Maidstone
    VC Coventry
    VD Birmingham
    VE Peterborough
    VF Norwich
    VG Norwich
    VH Huddersfield
    VJ Gloucester
    VK Newcastle upon Tyne
    VL Lincoln
    VM Manchester
    VN Middlesbrough
    VO Nottingham
    VP Birmingham
    VR Manchester
    VS Glasgow
    VT Stoke on Trent
    VU Manchester
    VV Northampton
    VW Chelmsford
    VX Chelmsford
    VY Leeds
    VZ CountyTyrone

    WA Sheffield
    WB Sheffield
    WC Chelmsford
    WD Dudley
    WE Sheffield
    WF Sheffield
    WG Sheffield
    WH Manchester
    WI Waterford
    WJ Sheffield
    WK Coventry
    WL Oxford
    WM Liverpool
    WN Swansea
    WO Cardiff
    WP Worcester
    WR Leeds
    WS Bristol
    WT Leeds
    WU Leeds
    WV Brighton
    WW Leeds
    WX Leeds
    WY Leeds
    WZ Belfast

    XI Belfast
    XP Export to Europe
    XZ County Armagh

    YA Taunton
    YB Taunton
    YC Taunton
    YD Taunton
    YE London (Central)
    YF London (Central)
    YG Leeds
    YH London (Central)
    YI County Dublin
    YJ Brighton
    YK London (Central)
    YL London (Central)
    YM London (Central)
    YN London (Central)
    YO London (Central)
    YP London (Central)
    YR London (Central)
    YS Glasgow
    YT London (Central)
    YU London (Central)
    YV London (Central)
    YW London (Central)
    YX London (Central)
    YY London (Central)
    YZ County Londonderry

    ZA Dublin
    ZB County Cork
    ZC Dublin
    ZD Dublin
    ZE County Dublin
    ZF Cork
    ZG County Dublin
    ZH Dublin
    ZJ Dublin
    ZK County Cork
    ZL County Dublin
    ZM County Galway
    ZN County Meath
    ZO County Dublin
    ZP County Donegal
    ZR County Wexford
    ZS County Dublin
    ZT County Cork
    ZU County Dublin
    ZV County Dublin
    ZW County Kildare
    ZX County Kerry
    ZY County Louth
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