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  • Questions about a van

    Hi guys, a couple of questions about the van I recently acquired...

    Anyone know where sills can be acquired or do car ones fit?
    Regarding lowering, are car struts shorter so would it make it sit lower? Anyone got any other struts to fit golf etc?
    What would be options of different seats that fit on the existing seat/bolt pattern?
    Is a car dash the same?


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    The cars use the same dash and seat mounting, so you can swap them over.

    Lowering it would be a real pain as the rears are the old fashioned leaf springs, not McPherson struts. The front hubs on the vans are very different but I'm 99% sure the struts are the same.

    When I repaired the sills on mine I used car ones and just cut off the amount I required, I didn't replace the whole thing. The pattern of the sills is the same, but not sure if the length is.

    Good luck,

    Ian Drew
    MG Maestro Turbo '400'
    MG ZT V8
    Rover 75 V6 Estate


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      Leaf springs are easy, just gunna use lowering blocks and longer u bolts, it was the front I was worried about..!

      Are the sills from a car shorter? I want to just do the while lot ideally

      Thanks for the reply
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        sills are longer on the van.
        Struts are the same as the car (but brakes are not!)
        Dash is the same as the car (but two 3 types were fitted over the years).
        Lowering the rear is easy as you saw with blocks and U bolts. Mine is 2 inches lower. - The Tickford Maestro Turbo Register - The Rover 200/400 (R8) Owners Club - My Rover Diesel Site


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          You got a picture?
          What did you do with the fronts? I'm probably gunna go with golf coilovers



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            Not sure if I've got any pics of the lowering blocks, but my camper build thread is here:


            Rears are lowered with the grayston lowering blocks and U bolts from memory and running the 700kg van springs.
            Fronts are currently "adjusted" standard springs. I'll get a set made for the fronts to lower by the appropriate amount (2 inches probably). Unless of course someone can find coilovers that don't drop it on the deck (my van needs to be drivable!)
   - The Tickford Maestro Turbo Register
   - The Rover 200/400 (R8) Owners Club
   - My Rover Diesel Site


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              I have a couple of people with coilovers on their cars, and I'm waiting on measurements and pics, if your on Facebook someone posted a picture and doesn't look too low at the front.