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MG Maestro Turbo front bumper

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  • MG Maestro Turbo front bumper

    Dear Turbo owners, I'm just finishing the restoration of #68 (chassis # 586233) and wondering about the lower vents of the front bumper as exemplified below (not my car);

    We believe the large vent under the number plate is just open with air flow into the oil cooler and radiator, but we are not sure about the 2 vents on the extremities. Are they open to allow air to flow to the brake area, or were they originally blanked off? The reason why we are confused is that the decal kit we bought has 2 black inserts that seem to fit into these vents....any clarification highly welcome.
    Best, Colin.

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      Hi Colin
      Yes they where blanked off from new, originally they were going to be for air ducting for the brake calipers to cool them down but it never was put into production.
      Hope that helps
      Keith #171


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        Confirming what Keith wrote above and also adding that it may be worthwhile fitting a mesh panel to the large duct below the number plate to, at least, limit the possibility of stones and other rubbish being kicked up and into the radiator or intercooler
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          Thanks both Keith and Pete, mystery solved and we were thinking of putting a protective mesh under the number plate - it seemed a bit exposed. Will have to post photos of the finished car soon.