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Tailgate glass removal

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  • Tailgate glass removal

    ive removed the tailgate off my maestro turbo and removed the inner seal could anybody tell me if you have to cut the glass out and does it render the outer seal useless and if so has anybody got one or can you still buy them

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    Yes they are bonded in. Treat removal as you would a bonded windscreen i.e if you arenít an expert and likely to crack it then find and pay one!!


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      Oh I've broken my fair share of windscreens removing em that's why I will cut it out as it's far easier but my only worry is that when I've cut it out that I won't be able to find a new outer rubber does anybody know who stocks em


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        Use a local windscreen company, if not you'll need acouple of hands to remove from the seal without cutting it, damen and kroes have a few rear seals in stock, but check first as they're not cheap
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          Sorry to come to this linka bit late(!) but can I ask about bonded windscreen seals. Removing the screens by slicing through the bonding is,;I imagine, fairly straight forward, cleaning up and repairing the surround, as I will need to do, is the next stage. Of course the seal replacement itself is the problem, not exactly hanging around in their hundreds in windscreen fitting companies anymore!! Therefore, is it a relatively simple job for a windscreen fitter to apply a bead of regular windscreen bonding to the frame and refix the original front or rear screen, if so has anyone had it done, and at what sort of cost?