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Maestro Turbo running problem

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  • Maestro Turbo running problem

    Dear all,

    Since completing my restoration of #68 in March this year we have had a mysterious running problem. Starting, tick-over, revving at a standstill are all fine, but when out on the road we seem to develop a running problem in that it almost stalls and refuses to pick up through the gears. This can happen after 100yds or 50 miles, just a random event. If we bring the car to a halt then we can freely rev the engine again, but when we move off it just stutters again. We have checked and renewed most obvious items under the bonnet including regulator, piping, etc, so we are now focusing on fuel pump and tank. Our current theory is that we have a faulty pump or we have some random rubbish floating around blocking the pump or tank pick-up pipe. So we are now renewing the pump (the current pump came with the car and looks pretty old), and then if that doesnít solve the problem itís off with the fuel tank to clean that out again. We did carry major repairs to the tank including internal sealer during restoration, but perhaps there's still some crud in there.

    I've scanned through previous posts and it's clear the Turbo does present running challenges, but if anyone has other suggestions of things we should check they would be gratefully welcomed. Of course we are hoping to get everything running before the gathering of Turbos in Milton Keynes on Sept 30th.

    Best, Colin.

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    Have you done anything with the carb ? Check all pipes for any air leak , the return pipe to the tank, I would also put a filter on it. Starting, revving etc do not use boost so as you say, check the pump and also put a filter from the tank to it.
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      Have you checked the anti-run-on valve? It's solenoid operated so a dodgy electrical connection could cause problems such as you describe.


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        Thanks Jeff and David. We have checked the Carb and replaced all pipes etc. We've also replaced crank sensor, new diaphragm in the fuel regulator, and checked anti-run-on solenoid. So our suspicions have turned to pump and tank. I think we put some inline filters in place but we'll check again.


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          Carb vent valve, try blocking it off.


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            At last we seem to have solved the running problem! After changing the fuel pump and still having the problems we put an endoscope camera in the tank and there was a disaster zone! Although we had sent the tank to a specialist for cleaning and sloshing it clearly hadn't worked. The slosh had only covered 2/3rds of the tank, with big lumps of slosh floating around and the pick up pipe filter was covered in slosh. So we took the drastic action of cutting the top off the tank, cleaned it up properly, checked pick-up pipe and filter, and then rewelded the top back on. After putting several in-line filters from the tank to the carb and back, it now goes like a train. Fingers crossed it makes it to Milton Keynes on Sunday.


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              Wow. that was a good call.

              Very brave cutting the top off the tank but I guess it was the only permanent solution. I don't think my welding would be up to it.