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Foot well Water Collection

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  • Foot well Water Collection

    Hi I am a new and proud owner of a 1990 1.3 LX and I have noticed today that whilst the car has been standing for a few days in the recent miserable weather I have a significant amount of water collection in both foot wells. After pulling back he carpets I noticed that in the drivers foot well one of the bungs was missing or had been removed which I thought might suggest this has been a longer term issue and prior owner had removed to let water drain. So my question is is this a common problem and has anyone got a suggestion as to what has caused this and how it might be rectified?


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    On the vans leaking door seals often cause this, but on the cars most likely cause is a hole or other leak in the heater air intake. There is a plastic cover under the bonnet which is easy to remove and lets you see in. There are drain holes at either side, which come out under the wings, possible but unlikely that they may be blocked. The sunroof drain also end in this area, worth checking that they are ok too.


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      Thanks so much I will give that a try


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        Water can enter via the doors as well. Look under one of the doors while they are open and make sure that the drain holes are clear.
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          As above, if it also has a sunroof, the front drain pipes can block up not drain properly. Could also be the front screen leaking, door seals, drain holes in the bulkhead,
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            A little late, but mine was leaking through the speedo cable grommet. It took ages to locate the source. It's dry now.