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  • Drive shaft nuts

    I've seen posts on various forums as well as this one about the difficulty in removing drive shaft nuts. I need to remove the offside driveshaft on this project car so I knew that the nuts would be fight. The car was last on the road in 2006 and so far everything that has had to be removed has only come off after a huge amount of effort, swearing, breaking things or going out to by more tools. I have a breaker bar and the appropriate socket but nothing was moving and not having a piece of scaffolding pole to hand I needed something else. The picture below shows the answer and it was really easy in the end. The trolley jack can lift way more than I can and I'll use this again if I need to do the other side. The chocks behind the wheels (front and rear) stopped the car from moving in place of the nut. I just wanted to pass this on to those might search this item in the future and don't have access to long bars or armies of helpers.


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    If I can't undo any nuts, bolts etc I take the car to my local kwikfit and they use one of their airguns on it for me. Much easier
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      That's a neat trick. Can't remember seeing that method before.


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        That's a good workaround Nick and one I used in the past. A couple of years ago my son bought me a mains-powered impact wrench from a discount supermarket for about 50. It's never failed on countless rusty bolts on bikes and cars although it's so powerful it has sheared a couple. Useless for tightening, but worth the outlay if you see one.