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Diesel lift pump replacing diaphragm

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  • Diesel lift pump replacing diaphragm


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    That doesn't say much thart. What's the problem?
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      The older type of lift pump had a diaphragm with 2 notches in the shaft, it could be removed by turning it a 1/4 turn to release it, later ones have a slot in the shaft and I cannot see how to release it from the pump body, I have a repair kit but until I find an answer to this I cannot use it.
      Thanks for answering my enquiry Jeff


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        oh i see, you have a kit, they where NLA last time i needed a pump. i did not know about the later pump having a slot. if you remove the pump and clean off the old gasket you will see the two wedges holding the pump together but the pump body will have been hammered over to stop them coming out. same for the valves, if your kit has new ones you will need to use a punch to fix them in place.


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          Thank you again Robert, I have fixed many of the older type over the years but the new type foxed me, your solution looks like a perfect answer.
          I am tempted to go for the new pump that you suggested and once that is up and running, I can repair the existing one at my leisure as a spare.
          This should reduce downtime hopefully.
          Very many thanks T 2 sheds