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    Originally posted by solihulladi View Post

    Thanks for the reply.
    I think I'll have to find a decent mechanic to sort the heater drain valve and set up the auto choke for me, it seems a bit out of my depth!
    The drain valve (if it is needed on your car) is a simple enough job. Once you have located the drain hose exit in the bulkhead, the valve simply pushes into the hole.

    Originally posted by solihulladi View Post
    The previous owner had the choke conversion done. There was nothing wrong with it but he just didn't like auto chokes so he had my one and his Montego converted to manual choke. He still has his Montego which is a manual transmission so runs quite happily. Mine being an auto transmission it really would run better (I think) with its original set up.
    Yes agreed, although the change back to auto choke is not a complex job mechanically. Get the fitting or more importantly the setting up afterwards wrong and things could end up going badly.

    Best of luck with the project when you get to it.
    Cheers Gforce