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Extra Insulation bonnet Maestro 2.0

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  • Extra Insulation bonnet Maestro 2.0

    The 'O' series is a great strong engine then went on to greater things. One of it's shortcoming is that it's noisy !! Especially if it's about 35 years old, with the manufacturing tolerances that were allowed it doesn't get quieter as the years go on. One thing that you can do is add some extra bonnet insulation, this is what I did.

    I removed the old bonnet pad, after 34 years it had become dirty, oily and sagging, so off it came. Then I gave the bonnet a thorough cleaning, I cleaned up the bonnet insulation clips and gave them a respray in satin black, originally there are only 2 of the rear pad clips but there are holes for 4, so I decided to add another 2, secondhand, cleaned and also resprayed.

    I purchased 2 sheets of 10mm insulation from a supplier from Lithuania (total cost 25.00) to use between the bonnet reinforcing bars. I made a pattern out of cardboard, trimming to the exact size and shape I needed, then placed it on the sheets and cut them out. I practiced putting the cut out insulation against the bonnet before taking the backing paper off, knowing that once you press it against the metal then they stick ferociously and can't easily (if at all!) be moved. Once I was happy I started to add the extra insulation between the panels until it was done.

    I obtained a secondhand insulation pad from a 2.0EFi that was being stripped for parts, gave it a good clean and replaced it back into the bonnet using the repainted clips, all 7 of them.

    Before adding the insulation the noise in the car was 74Db at 3000rpm now after the job was finished it had been reduced to 68Db at 3000rpm. At a total cost 25.00 and 3 hours work I now have a quieter car, making those long motorway trips to UK far more comfortable.

    Another one of those satisfying jobs that most people can accomplish, well worth a go.
    Chris Lalor
    May 2020
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    Last picture showing the 4 rear clips to keep the insulation pad in place.
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      Are there only 4 insulation clips used on a maestro? There are more for a montego,
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        Originally posted by Jeff Turbo View Post
        Are there only 4 insulation clips used on a maestro? There are more for a montego,
        There are 5 on the bonnet plus another 2 at bottom, however there are 4 holes so I put 4 clips on, the Rover 820 has 4 clips, they are the same.