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MG1600 gearbox spec/part numbers

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  • MG1600 gearbox spec/part numbers

    What spec vw gearbox was fitted to the MG1600? I know it was a golf gti mk1, is there a part number that is a cross over from BL/MG to VW. I'm trying to sourse a LSD for my car

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    It is a VW 020 gearbox, The Rover code for the MG was 5E up to june 1983, then 7R. The code on the gearbox should be that code, followed by date (2digit), month (2 digit) and year (1 digit). So 5E 18 04 3 would be an MG gearbox made on 18 march 1983. I don't think the Rover code cross references with vw though. The parts list gives final drive ratio of 62/17 for 5E and 7R, but also gives an option of 6X with a 66/18 ratio. Not sure, but I'd guess that all of the 020 diffs will be the same, so easy to find, but not likely to be cheap.


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      That's spot on thank you.