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Here we go again. Maestro Turbo

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  • Here we go again. Maestro Turbo

    Problems with the Maestro Turbo, again. Going into Summit MG, again, on Monday.
    Going through the " Is it really worth keeping this car " again.
    It spends more time in the repairers than it does being driven.
    Charging problems. Battetry dying after a few days. Have checked to make sure nothing like interior lights are on and no other reasons. Even brought a new battery ( a 60Ah heavy duty one) but went to start it yesterday, battery totally flat. Could be a faulty new battery i suppose, but somehow doubt it.
    Just another nail in its coffin.
    Getting a bit fed up with this as not getting too much enjoyment out of the Turbo at the moment
    Ah well, the joys of classic car ownership.
    At least, after 8 years, the Skyline is still being its absolute best, plus has increased in value recently, astronimacally..
    Lets see what Summit have to say next week, and this is without the sill probem that is coming up soon, that will need sorting.
    Hey Ho.

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    It's a shame you feel like this, but it's the fact that things do go wrong that keeps classic/retro car owners happy.
    it's got to be the alternator 100%. Did you go to somewhere like Halford and have them do you a charge test?


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      Thanks Mr Bump. It is going in Monday for a full electronic check with Summit MG.
      Not sure how much longer i can afford to keep this car going. At every corner, it is costing me an arm and a leg. After the bad experience with Roberts MG when they broke the rear screen,, which i eneded up paying for, I wouldnt let them service my lawn mower. Have owned it just over 2 years and with the body and mechanical issues repaired have already spent nearly 5k, could probably have nearly brought another one by now.
      What with the other up and coming jobs, not sure this is a viable project anymore.
      Just thinking about just shoving it in the garage, and, not being morbid, let it become part of my estate, not getting a lot of use out of it. Everytime i open the garage it costs me hundreds again.
      So wish i hadent brought this now, but let my Retro head rule my heart. Never again.
      Will stay with my Skyline R34 which will, if i have to sell it, boost my pension fund and afford me many happy holidays in the Bahama,s
      Should have stayed with one of my previous classics, Lotus Cortina Mk1, would be a millionaire by now


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        I'm the same with my bmw E9 csl, I'd love to sell it and buy another DB9, but while ever it's sat there, it's gaining interest and is a vital part of my retirement plan.
        I've always fancied a maestro turbo project, it's the one 80s hot hatch I've never owned. And as with all my cars, they have to be a project. I restore them at my own pace and time, some have took 3 yrs plus but that's the appeal for me.
        If you do decide to part ways, please let me know.


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          Thanks, dont really want to get rid of it, but it does wear a bit thin sometimes. I have spent a lot of money on it in the last few years, all doors, tailgate and roof professionally repaired. Despite my gripes, the car is a potential show winner (ask Pete Cooper) especially with all the work done, including a rebuilt engine and new gearbox just before i got it, its just that there seems to be something every time i take the car out.
          The car is on an agreed value with the insurance company of 15K and it is probably worth nearly this, but sometimes wonder if enough is enough..
          Thanks again, and if i do decide enough is enough, will give you a call.


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            Have got a local event this Sunday and hope to take the Turbo along, have a very good jumper pack in case the battery dies again, even after fully recharging it and putting it back in the car on Wednesday.
            Going into Summit MG Monday. They are great, certainly wouldnt use Roberst MG (Old Windsor) again after they smashed the rear screen on the Turbo. Wouldnt let them look after my lawn mower.
            Another story :-(