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Indicators not self canceling

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  • Indicators not self canceling

    Hello to all this is my first post and i appreciate being able to ask for advice.
    I bought my 1988 Maestro and use it as a daily driver which it does well but it has developed a problem with the indicators that have stopped self canceling and i have a few questions i would like to ask.
    I have removed the steering wheel and was told that you had to make sure that the arrow on the plastic sleeve had to be at 9 oclock and the lug on the back of the wheel had to fit in the notch in the ring the problem i am having is when replaceing the wheel the lug is about 5mm away from entering the notch and is as close as i can get it.
    Also how is the stalk clamped to the column.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    At the rear of the steering wheel there is an extra part that sticks out, when putting the wheel back on that part needs to go into the opening cut out on the self leveling mechanism at the top, not 9oclock. The mechanism opening can be turned to the top to match the rear of the wheel. To remove the whole mechanism. It's clamped with a screw underneath that tightens a clamp , if you loosen it you can remove the mechanism after un clipping the electrical connections. Do not completely unscrew it as it only needs loosening
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      Hi thanks for the reply i got them working again cheers for the info.