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seat adjuster oil filter and air filter

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  • seat adjuster oil filter and air filter

    Hi you helpful people 3 in 1. the recliner adjuster plastic knob has broken on my 1983 1.6 Maestro. any idea's as to what can be used to replace? Also where can i get oil and air filters, R series engine, and what oil do people recommend Thanks

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    Recline knobs sometimes appear on ebay, part number is YXX 4929 for handwheel, YXX 4930 for the cap (followed by two letters for the colour).. Oil filter is Crosland 363, Unipart GFE157, thread size is 13/16" UNF, the same as 'o' series so not hard to find. Air filter is Crosland 9059, Unipart GFE 1103, only other thing it fits is a 1300 Maestro. (if yours is an MG the air filter is Unipart GFE 1107, beware of Crosland catalogues, they list it as being the same as 2.0/Sherpa/SD1 etc etc, it isn't, it only fits MG1600). I use this oil in every engine I have but you could use any that match the specs in the owner's manual & save a few quid. Smith & Allan are quite helpful, so may be worth getting their opinion. good luck!


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