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Diesel engine timing belt and kit part numbers.

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  • Diesel engine timing belt and kit part numbers.

    A few people have asked for the part numbers for the diesel timing belt, ebay apparently has an annoying habit of coming up with petrol ones. All of the diesel ones are the same, turbo and non turbo, engine codes BA and BB. The belt is the same as a Nissan Bluebird diesel one, but does not fit anything else. It has 143 teeth, is 1362mm long and 30mm wide, so easy to check that it is correct before dismantling the front of your engine
    Rover part number (available from Rimmers and other x part dealers) for the belt is. ADU 9878. or ADU9878EVA
    Unipart. GTB 1190
    Gates. 5190XS
    Dayco 94305
    If anyone wants to chance a cheaper belt, these numbers should cross reference easily. Kits and idlers/tensioners are not available from Rimmers any more and Gates no longer supply a timing belt kit.
    Timing belt kit part numbers are
    Dayco. KTB277
    SKF VKMA 07110
    SNR KD459.28

    Dayco apparently made belts for Rover and I've never snapped one yet, SNR and SKF are well known bearing manufacturers, their kits are about the same price as buying the idler/tensioner on their own (if you can find them!), so anyone that prefers Gates belts would be no worse off buying a Gates belt, a SKF kit and selling or giving away the SKF belt.

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    Another reason for a forum, good info there that won't fade away unlike Facebook
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      Originally posted by Jeff Turbo View Post
      Another reason for a forum, good info there that won't fade away unlike Facebook
      Yes, you need a good memory and a lot of luck to find any old posts on facebook, even more so now that there are more and more groups springing up on there. I stick to the owners club group, but I guess many won't. Thank goodness there is only one forum! If I get asked the same question a few times on fb or wherever, I try to put the answer up on here, so the answer is just one link away the next time and anyone that is wise and looks on here first doesn't need to ask......


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        I've lust had 2 delivered..veco vt194.. also a gates 5190. about 7 and 17 just go on internet. .. put in details of car... if I can do it anyone can.