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Bottom Ball Joints.

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  • Bottom Ball Joints.

    As many of us know, the very early cars featured two identical bottom ball joints, whereas the later cars had different joints on each side. Fitting the wrong type could have a vert negative effect on the handling, as it would alter the castor angle. The early symmetrical ball joint was Unipart/Rover part number GSJ 225 Here is a list of cross references that I have come across so far...for most owners this is a list of numbers to avoid & may be useful when using ebay...some sellers are deliberately vague about these parts, as there are so few early cars left. If you look at the ball joint, the offset on the later ones is easy to see.
    Manufacturer Number
    Unipart GSJ 225
    Quinton Hazell. QSJ 882S
    Trupart SSJ 1854
    Veco VB 124
    Delphi TC 302
    Lockheed TC 302
    WST SSJ 1854
    Motaquip VSJ 474

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    I've been on a search this morning and this helped.
    I thought I'd leave my own writing downs as I've been trawling various websites and listings for later ball joints for my 1.3.

    Left lower ball joint
    QSJ 1020S
    GSJ 223
    GSJ 290
    GSJ 9972
    NAM 5317
    RO-BJ 3564

    Right lower ball joint
    QSJ 1019S
    GSJ 224
    GSJ 289
    NAM 5316
    TC 155
    RO-BJ 3563

    There was at least one more set but in their own references it's mixed up the matching codes to other brands so I haven't included it. Obviously I've missed some as I went as they all should have corresponding codes but naturally I stopped looking when I was satisfied with what I was ordering.

    Please check and be satisfied you're ordering the right part, I'm only trying to be helpful.