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2" lower??

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  • 2" lower??

    Hi there,

    I know it isn't to everyone's cup of tea but I wanted to lower my montego.
    I purchased some 2" lowered springs and the fronts fitted just fine on the original shocks.
    But the rears wouldn't stay in the cups when driven, so I went on the search for adjustable shocks.
    GAZ shocks no longer make them and I've been told by a stockist that the SPAX adjustable shocks are NOT suitable for the 2" lowered springs.

    My question to anyone out there is there anyway to get over my problem?.......and NO I do not want to raise the front back up to suit.
    Many thanks for any helpful information you may have?


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    Easiest way is to make a new bracket for the bottom mount, you might need to find stiffer original height springs though. I guess you'll already have fitted a sump guard, they were prone to sump damge even without being lowered


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      Looking good. Some changes there already from your first post any more pictures? VW Polo 6n coilovers fit with a little work so are a popular option. And as an added bonus suit any budget. Can get a set of 4 for 190.
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        I've sent pictures to the club for the next club issue of Monstro


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          Thanks for the info of polo shocks, what sort of work is required?