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    Good evening all

    just a quick one, did any of the Maestro/Montego models have AirCon installed (probably an optional extra back then) and if so does anyone have a breaker with it all on inc auxiliary parts..

    i know you all may say this is some work if even available but i am looking at a bare shell respray and rebuild within the next year so while rebuilding it i'm installing everything that i would like as the optional extra ..

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    I'd go the route I'm taking ref aircon, fit the system out of any modern EV car.


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      My montego had air conditioning installed at the dealership, it stopped working and i removed it. there are many pieces and I live in Spain so shipping would be too expensive


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        I think only export montego got AC. Would love it in my VP but imagine its a big job. Might be worth using a system from another car? Good luck


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          As above, export only. You maybe able to convert from a Rover 200/400 scrap car if you know what you're doing and can modify as you go. The Montego air con compressor had a bracket to mount on the side of the engine so you would have to fabricate something and find a replacement belt. Mounting pipes, receiver etc in the engine bay shouldn't be a problem after fabricating mounting brackets or adapting from the scrap car as wouldn't a condensor as it was mounted infront of the rad, again you could fabricate something. Fans you would have to adapt infront of the condensor, but the montego with air con did have a twin fan and the Rover 200 fans should fit in the opening. Parts in the heater unit bit again you could adapt and modify to put the evaporator and expansion unit in as you go after drilling holes in the bulkhead but you maybe able to use the existing holes for heater. Mounting a switch is easy and you can adapt the other Rover switches on the display as per a Rover Montego heater switch display as they're similar, but wiring it in you will need electrical experience. After all this would it be worth it?
          Or as above, get Juan to send over everything he removed and go from there, unless you know how much to post it's still a cheaper option then a scrap car removing and modifying or as per Mr Bump and find out what he is doing
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            Rimmer Bros are selling a new full kit for a City Rover for 180. It seems like VFM.

            Includes the following:

            Condenser, fan & Receiver Dryer Assembly
            HVAC blower unit
            Control unit

            I don't know if it could be adapted for our cars, or parts fitted to into the Monty/Maestro heater box.


            Some other links that might be useful. The very compact units look like they might fit instead of the glovebox. They look pricey with all the bits.