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bought some more alloys on ebay for my contryman

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    14" george foremans or 15" turbo alloys?

    i have 6no 14" George Foreman grill MG alloys.... 4no currently on with new tyres..... bought for circa 28

    .......But i also bought a set of 4no 15" turbo alloys and fitted new tyres on....but went round a bend and a projecting cats eyes blew my o/s front tyre.....185/55/r15 tyres...never felt brave enough to drive in them again!!:
    bought for 20 from a 15 yr old boy racer ...ebay....he was hooked on driving maestro turbo's but complained that none about to drive

    kids of today....
    0-60 in 8.2 hours 1/4mile in time for breakfast but the rust wins hands down


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      Because LORA (L289 ORA) has a different stud fitting to normal Maestros, I thought I'd have to put up with normal wheels or v. expensive after market ones. Luckily my local Rover breakers (Paul...great man!!) said that Rover600/800 wheels fit and he had a set of 17" for sale. After much juggling with tyre sizes and spacers and as she's lowered 2", I come up with the 'scrubbing' on full lock and she drives beautifully

      Fronts 185/45/17" with 5mm spacers
      Rears 205/55/17" with 10mm spacers...just enough to clear the rear leaf springs