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High level inputs on amps?

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  • High level inputs on amps?

    I am currently running some 6*9s and 5.25 components of a standard blaupunkt rover headunit. Until a few days ago I thought you had to have an RCA output to run am amplifier but I have just found out about these high level inputs and need more information, as I currently know nothing about them. Can some one please tell me how there work and how I would wire one up and recommend an amplifier that has one for under 150 thanks. (Do all amplifiers have them?)
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    With the high level inputs you simply connect your speaker outputs from the head unit to the inputs on the amp and then the outputs from the amp to the speakers. Not all amps have these inputs but you can get a basic amp for less than 100.00. Just depends on what kind of system you want.


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      you can get rca converters from most audio shops they just connect to your speaker wires and they convert down to rca jack plugs then you can run any amp

      i know this cos thats whats been running my sub amp for about 4 years with no problems

      and they are not to much money

      could probably get some on ebay