Technical FAQ

We’ve compiled some of the more common questions and answers that have been posted on our discussion forums over the years. Click on an area of the car below that loosely defines your problem or on one of the category links to the left of the page.

If your question isn’t answered in the FAQ try asking via the discussion forum. Other members and enthusiasts will be only too happy to help.


Frequently Asked Questions


Tuning a turbo diesel – how’s yours running?
S-Series Tuning – pre ERIC engine management.
Heater Problems – making your heater hotter.
My heater fan only works on position 3 – Here’s how to fix it.
Headlining Trouble – It affects us all at some time or other.
Buyers Guide – What to look for when buying a Maestro or Montego.
I’ve just seen a ‘Y’ Reg Maestro – It’s probably a Ledbury or Apple 2000 car.
MG Maestro Turbo Registrations – The complete list for your delectation!
The Unleaded Debate – Do you really need to use 4-star petrol or an additive?


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