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For Sale - Maestro Van - Cornwall

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  • For Sale - Maestro Van - Cornwall

    Hi guys

    Its with a an extremely heavy, but realistic heart that I am seriously considering selling my maestro van. As is often the case I had big plans for it, but a child, house move, and various other commitments/projects have got me thinking maybe it's time to let go and give it a fighting chance of survival.

    1993 2.0 Perkins diesel non turbo
    In my ownership approximately 20 years
    Was my daily driver up until 2013, since then it has been kept in dry garages/barns
    A lot was spent on it before being put in storage including but not limited to.... new windscreen, cam belt, water pump, diesel pump rebuild, sills plated, welding repairs around windscreen, wheel bearings, full exhaust. Got receipts from the garage who did the work.

    I went to drive it out of the garage tonight in order to get to something stored behind it. It hasn't seen daylight in months but I stuck a battery on it and it started first turn of the key just as it always has. The engine doesn't even do a full revolution before it strikes, however I struggled to drive it out because the o/s rear brake was seized on. It did eventually come out with some coaxing but I was surprised how much it has deteriorated, hence this speculative advert.

    Please see the the attached photographs of how the van looked back in 2013, it doesn't look like this now although photographs normally make things look better than they actually are. If I ever saw rust coming through I used to grind it back to clean steel treat it and cover it over with white hammerite, this made it look tidier from a distance and went some way to preserving it.

    There is no price as yet and there are no up to date pictures, I am really just testing the water in the hope that there is someone who is genuinely looking for one of these to restore and bring back to life, are you there!?!? If that is you then please get in touch.

    If however you're not that person ie you are looking for one to break or you're looking to inadvertently waste my time please don't bother, I am avoiding listing it on eBay for this reason. Life is far too short and far too hectic to be dealing with any of that.

    Contact me direct by by email if you want to come have a look, I haven't been on this site for years and probably won't get back on here anytime soon. My email is

    Van is located in Cornwall so please bear that in mind. It also comes with many parts, a lot of which are N.O.S which would help with renovation and ongoing use.

    Any questions etc don't hesitate to get in touch by email, thanks for reading this ad.
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