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Handbrake dash light

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  • Handbrake dash light

    The little light on my dash to indicate that the handbrake is on no longer works .
    I checked the circuit at the switch on the hand brake, no power. It connects to a connector under the drivers seat, no power on either side. The wire disappears into the harness them into the dash.
    Can anyone tell me where it goes. Can I run a new wire along side it?
    I have also checked the bulb in the dash and it is ok.


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    The switch switches to earth as far as I remember and only has one wire, what age is the car?


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      It is a 1993 1.3 clubman. The wire is slate and white and is earthed through the switch.


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        as far as I know it heads straight for the dash, along with the fuel level sensor wires that it meets under the seat. If there are pad wear/low brake fluid sensors, it might be worth checking that they work, I seem to remember some diodes in the dash having something to do with it all. I'll dig a wiring diagram out and check..


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          The diagram is a bit vague about what exactly goes on with the diodes, but as far as I can tell the wire goes into the harness along the sill, then joins the main harness via multiplug in footwell beside fusebox, then into edge connector to dashboard, which is where the diodes are, if I've read it correctly they can't interfere with the handbrake light though.