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  • Parts for sale at MG Saloon Day

    I will be taking the following parts to MG Saloon Day:

    Montego headlights (both sides) x6
    Montego headlight (brand new in box)
    Austin Montego grille, metallic blue, v.good condition
    MG Montego grille, undamaged but needs painting, metallic grey
    Austin Montego wheel trim, v.good condition image
    Rover Metro headlight
    Rover Metro foglight
    Rover Metro rear light cluster
    Montego rear light cluster, both sides
    Montego mirrors, both sides (electric and manual)
    Maestro / Montego mirror cap
    Montego indicators
    Maestro / Montego cassette holder image
    MG Montego/Maestro mudflaps (brand new packaged) image
    Maestro mudflaps (new old stock, packaged)
    Maestro/Montego coolant overflow bottle
    various ECUs (glovebox and engine bay)
    various indicator/wiper stalks
    set of 4 brown window winders (Metro, Maestro, Montego)
    number plate lights (one silver, one red)
    Mini 1000 boot badge
    Rover Coupe front wing spat (Nightfire)
    various small pieces of rubbing strip for Maestro/Montego wings
    plastic clips for attaching Montego door caps other stuff that is loaded in the car that I have forgotten

    All is used unless otherwise stated. Let me know if you need any of the above and I can put it to one side for you.
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    How much for the MG Montego mudflaps?


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      Originally posted by The Express Valeter View Post
      How much for the MG Montego mudflaps?
      20 for the pair. They're brand new, still in the packet.


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        Originally posted by matthewsemple View Post
        20 for the pair. They're brand new, still in the packet.
        Is that for pair of packs or 1 pair of MG Flaps? Are they GAC362A? Either way privisionally say yes but I am just waiting back from 2 other emails I have sent to various places. One was 6.


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          Yes, it's one pair of MG mudflaps. If you look at the image in the list above you can see the packaging. They are indeed GAC362A.

          They're no longer available from X-Part or Rimmers and I paid a shade under 20 for them so if you want them, you can have them at MG Saloon Day but I cannot come down on the price.


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            20 a pair is a fair price for the MG ones.

            As Matthew has stated they are NLA, and what do come up have been in the back of dealer stock rooms for some years.

            If some one is selling them at 6 a pair then grab them as that is dirt cheap unless they are used/ 2nd hand.



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              where does the cassette holder go?


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                Where the eleccy window switches are fitted under the radio iirc


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                  That is right - you have to have a Maestro built between 1986 and 1992 or a Montego built between 1984 and 1988 that doesn't have electric windows.

                  If your car fits the above criteria(!) you can fit this cassette holder, which holds four cassettes without boxes, in the gap below the radio.


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                    ...and the cassettes rattle to buggery in them and are really annoying


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                      I can see why you're not a salesman Chris.
                      If you was in charge of marketing at KFC you'd advertise it as a warm dead bird.

                      John Orrell

                      MG Maestro Turbos 396 and 502
                      MG ZT190+ (53 plate)


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                          MG Mud flaps

                          Do you still have the black and red mg mud flaps for sale? I need 2 pairs? If so please email me at




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                            I still have one pair.

                            I forgot to take them to MG Saloon Day so Andy was unable to buy them. He has first dibs at 20. If he doesn't want them, I will offer them to anyone else who is interested.


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                              Do you still have the Maestro mudflaps, please pb me.