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  • MG Maestro artwork

    Dear All

    Last year I commissioned a picture of my MG ZT from
    Andrew (who is based in Australia and runs the business) did me a modified version of the image from artwork he already had of the cars, so the final image for me is my car in colour and details.
    I have asked him if he'd do similar artwork of an MG Maestro.
    He said that if I could get 10-15 interested people then he would consider it.
    I suspect that if he did this, then a Turbo would only require some modifications so that might appeal to Turbo owners?

    Have a look at the ZT poster on his site to see the kind of thing -
    I paid 19.64 (plus 9.32 p&p).
    As I needed a few alterations, he provided final version as an electronic file.

    Please sign up here so I know how many folks would be interested.