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    Ok, so I'm maybe out of the loop a bit as I've not had the last Monstro or these service bulletins, they don't seem to have made it through to me (possibly my own fault - not sure if my email is up to date) . I thought a second thread may be better, as discussing in the one about the forum where some of this has been touched on, will be a distraction from that topic.

    I'm just wondering where the club is going, what the long term plan is etc, now the new committee has had chance to settle in etc, and the season is nearer finishing than begining.

    There's been talk of joining with other clubs etc- is this actually happening? what would the implications be i.e. how do they integrate? and what other clubs would come together?

    What do we have in the pipeline to make the membership of 18.00 seem like good value? at the moment I've got to agree with such as Russ - the 18.00 seems a lot to cover just 1 copy of Monstro a year, yes there's club insurance etc, but that's not that much collectively.

    I'm against this forum going members only, can we have an assurance that this will stay open? even though taking it private would make the club better value for members, I think it would have a very detrimental impact on car survival rates.

    Also what's the situation with member numbers, how healthy are we on that front compared to the last few years. I know it was dropping a bit. As our cars get older, there will be less about, so in theory less members, but on the other hand we should be finding ourselves recruiting more as the cars become less mainstream, back when I joined in 2001, there were loads of cars, but really the cars were just bangers then - now there are less cars but maybe more enthusiasts.

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    Please can you let me have your contact details so that we can get the latest Monstro and Service Bulletins out to you.

    I like your idea of a Long Term Plan thread, although I would like to have a separate thread for the 'how do we work with other clubs/join other clubs' as I feel this could be a very significant change for the club. I would like to canvass as many views as possible and also ideas about how this can be done if the club decides to go down this route. There are no plans as yet, but it is something we need to look as soon. I'm away this weekend but will get something up a.s.a.p.

    Andrew Stokell has very kindly stepped forward to take on events in the North. This is very helpful as currently most of the events the club attends are in the South. Andrew has just offered to take on regalia too, although this has just happened so he will need some time to get a small range together. This will be sold at events and through the website.

    Access to the forum was discussed at the AGM and the consensus was the committee's priority was promoting ownership of love of the cars and keeping the forum as it is best aids this. However, as time goes on and things change with the club and cars, this may change. Currently there are no plans to change it now and it's not even at the bottom of our agenda - we have quite a bit of work to do before we consider this, if we do.

    Membership is up but (approx 280) but I agree that we need to offer more to members which is what we're working on. However, this needs to be sustainable which has been the difficulty in the last few years. Although Monstro was supposed to be quarterly when I joined the club, this didn't happen - the club just couldn't do it as it was unrealistic and unacheivable despite best efforts. The committee's workload need to be manageable otherwise we will not keep the committee members that we have. We are always open to ideas of what else we can provide for members preferably when they are accompanied by offers to help and are realistic and achievable.

    Edit - here's the link for working with other clubs. From now onwards, please use this thread for this topic - Thank you.
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      Personally I would like to see a club not necessarily this one encompass all vehicles that have carried the AUSTIN rover badge ie our cars ,metros, SD3, acclaims, ambassador's ,itals anything basically 80 to 89 so as not to step on the toes of the thriving 200/400 club.
      Catering for more vehicles could possibly lead to a parts discount and insurance discount
      This as I said is my personal view as I'm the owner of other Austin rover vehicles


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        I think that this thread is a great idea and its great to see some good debates and discussions - there is clearly a need for us to increase visibility of plans and we always strive to take on board views and comments - but need to acknowledge that you can't please everyone all the time!
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          Think the 200/400 club recently expanded to do the SD3 (Rover 200 mk1) as no-one seemed to cater for it.
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            I did wonder who catered for it. Does the 200/400 club want to take in maestro's!
            What your view on an Austin rover club?


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              The Rover 200 & 400 Owners Club has recently expanded to cover all Rover badged 200 & 400 models so SD3, R8, HH/R and R3 including the later 25, 45 & Streetwise.

              I am pleased to see the comment above that we are "thriving" but in fact we face similar issues to this club and many of the other small clubs. Our membership is half of the M&MOC but we are increasing at a steady rate.
              My view is that we wouldn't want to merge with another club but greater co-operation and interaction would be good. There must be ways in which we can help each other out. I would like to emphasise that this is my personal opinion and not necessarily the views of the R200&400OC club or the committee.



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                Please now use this thread for the working with other clubs -

                Please can we use this Long Term Plans thread for all other ideas, queries etc. Thank you :-)