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New Maestro owner and member.

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  • New Maestro owner and member.

    Hi to everyone. Have just bought my first Maestro, a 1985 Vanden Plas 1.6 automatic. 34K miles from new and hasn't been on the road since 2003. We have had it up on the lift and there is no sign of corrosion or having ever been welded. It's complete and working (even the digidash!) although very dirty. We took it for a quick drive on my friend's trade plates and we think at least one front wheel bearing is shot (unless it is the final drive making all that noise). Anyway hopefully it's nothing that can't be sorted and after a major service, brake overhaul, new tyres and a good clean she should be ready for an MOT.

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    Welcome to the club and Maestro ownership calumb1
    So what made you take the plunge and buy a Maestro?



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      Hi Andrew. No idea other than I have a thing for cars that people remember or would certainly notice particularly if they were not highly regarded when new! I like low mileage everyday cars that are very rare but affordable, and I like the Vanden Plas treatment so the Maestro fitted the bill plus i thought it would be nice to save this one and get it to show winning potential. I had a show winning 1970 Skoda S100 for several years (7K on the clock) and currently have a mk2 Ford Fiesta 1.1 automatic with 22K found in a simliar state to the Maestro but getting better.


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        well it's always good to see someone saving a Maestro, so best of luck with it


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          Welcome to the club. Looks a nice solid car. Hope you enjoy it.


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            Hi Calum.

            Welcome to the club/forum.

            Your Maestro VP does look like a good buy. It's very unusual for one not to need a heap of welding to the lower body/ floor pan.



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              Welcome to the club.


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                welcome to the club I hope you have many happy years with your new maestro.a bonus having a vanden plas
                nice colour.keep us up to date on your progres