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  • Montys update

    1year on and still not sorted.from the cut off vallve comeing adrift and dirt getting into the carb
    Matthew Handy came to help me on sunday we put on the refurdish origanal carb and did all the fast checks which passed all but the knock sensor .There are no air leaks ect
    There is a steady fast idle but when turned down it starts to hunt and almost cuts out.
    Any idears/advice as we are stumped again and tbh its getting to me and i wont to drive it asap
    Sure & steadfast.
    BMC/BL Rally 2008.First prize 1980s onward.
    1988 Montego Estate 1600L Atlantic Blue From new Daily runner
    1979 Triumph Dolomite 1500HL Pagent Blue From new 76.000 milesNow out of Hibination and into Restoration