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Maestro 700 diesel Van L series project Rover 25 donor 550 ono

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  • [For Sale] Maestro 700 diesel Van L series project Rover 25 donor 550 ono

    I have worked out that I'll never have time to complete all of my projects (a well known guru on these very forums pointed this out to me several years ago, I have now realised that he was right ), so this one is on the transfer list. Van has lowering blocks on rear axle, golf coil overs on front and had one car hub fitted so that it could be moved about. I have standard bits that could be fitted to replace these. Previous owner fitted a Honda engine, so fuel tank has been cut to fit Honda fuel pump, again I have a standard replacement if needed. It has had a few body repairs,some better than others, but looks to be not too bad overall. Honda engine mounting points still fitted, but easy enough to remove. It is pretty much a blank canvas power train wise, my plan was to fit an L series, hence the 25, which is complete, immobiliser and engine work fine, but has developed an oil leak on a cooler hose, so can't be run for long at the minute. I have a lot of photos if anyone is interested and can take more if need be....Location North Pennines
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