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Maestro front discs and pads

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  • Maestro front discs and pads

    Hi as anyone got a good set of front discs and pads for sale the discs are solid ones?

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    These new ones on ebay should be correct (13mm wide is just over 1/2", so solid discs) , I think postage would be more than a tenner, so they aren't too dear really. If you don't do eby, they are on Demon Tweeks' web site too, but it says not in stock .. There are others on ebay, but not much cheaper & at least the Demon Tweeks ones should be a) the right part and b) be decent quality


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      Hi would the Ebay ones fit if I have solid discs Because they look vented ?


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        The picture on ebay is of ford pads & random discs (maybe ford too.).dimensions and cross references are for solid discs, if you want to make 100% sure, email them & check, but I don't think they'd list them for 1300/1600 if they were vented ones.A lot of the ebay ones have random photos, which is a bit annoying!


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          Hi thanks for the info I have emailed them and they are solid discs thanks for finding them for me cheers.


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            No problem.