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Lancaster Classic Motor Show - 10th to 12th November 2017 at the NEC

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  • Lancaster Classic Motor Show - 10th to 12th November 2017 at the NEC

    The Maestro & Montego Owners Club have applied for a stand at this year's Classic Motor Show. While we won't know until later in the year whether or not we have been successful, we hope so as this provides a chance for the club and cars to shine, both with the general public and also with the classic car press. It also provides an opportunity for members to come and chats to club officials.

    Do you have a car/van that you would like to exhibit? If you do, please can you post below, send me a message or email by 30th September. It might be beneficial for those who have not shown a car at the Classic Motor Show to have some idea about what's involved.

    Usually vehicles need to be in very good condition, or if not in very good condition, it would need to be a very interesting vehicle.

    Vehicles need to be in bought to the NEC sometime on Thursday 9th November and have to remain on the stand until the show finishes on Sunday 12th November. They cannot be moved.

    It is my preference (but is negotiable) that you allow interested members of the public to sit in your car. Obviously, this will be done under supervision and isn't a free for all.

    We are able to offer the owner/driver of the vehicle a free ticket to the show for each day they wish to attend. We are also able to offer free parking for another car in the NEC car park (normally costs 12. Also, we can offer another ticket for the Thursday and Sunday to you to give to the person helping you bring your car in on the Thursday and take it away on the Sunday. In return for this, we ask you for the days that you are at the NEC and have a free ticket from the club, that you help man the stand on a rota of one hour on to either two or three hours off (these will be arranged with you beforehand). Manning that stand involves chatting to the public/visiting members, making them feel welcome, passing on information about how to join the club (there will be either me or a committee member on the stand all the time, so you can refer questions that you don't know) and generally maintaining a presence. We don't have seating on the stand as this takes up space and can look untidy, but you will only need to do one hour on your feet at a time. Obviously, should you have a disability and require a seat, or be a wheelchair user, that's fine. We also ask those manning the stand not to eat on it (unless it's cake which is being shared with the public), and there are plenty of places where you can eat when you're not on the stand. We will provide 500mls bottles of water as being on the stand can be thirsty work.

    For members who aren't exhibiting a car and would like a free ticket to the show, the above as applies, so in return for the ticket you would help man the stand on a rota basis.

    Currently we don't have a budget for the stand. As this show has footfall of over 20,000 per day and is our best chance to showcase our cars to the public, I am happy to ask the committee for some funds if an idea warrants it. However, last year we managed to put on a stand which cost the club around 30.

    My criteria for choosing cars are based on a four car stand are:

    If possible, I would like one of each shape, so a Montego saloon, Montego estate, Maestro hatch and Maestro van.
    If possible, I would like to be able to represent both MG and Vanden Plas.
    Ideally, I would like at least two members who haven't ever shown at car at the NEC to be able bring their cars.
    Ideally, I would prefer cars on our stand to have not been on our stand in the last five years, and not shown at the show on other stands within the past three years. However, for rare models which are popular with the public, this isn't always possible.

    However, if you would like to bring your car, please do put it forward. The larger pool we have to choose from the better. Also, if you have any questions, please shout. Members are welcome to put their cars forward either in this thread, via personal message or via email. Members wishing to help man the stand, please do the same. My email is and number is 07929 868284.

    Dates - to put your car forward or volunteer for helping with the stand, please let me know by 31st August.

    Please note that only members can put their cars forward to be on the stand and receive free tickets to the show. However, you're welcome to join before you put yourself/car forward -

    Details of the show can be found here -

    I look forward to some of you putting your cars forward
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