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Total Retro show - meet up arrangements

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  • Total Retro show - meet up arrangements

    Morning All

    So Sunday for the Total Retro Show.

    I am going to head for the Crooklands A65 lay-by (see here - for about 9.15am (show opens to public at 10am)

    I have club passes to hand out. Remember to bring your tickets! (Norman I have yours)

    As far as I know this is all of us - Peter Blaylock, Andy Calvert, Johnny Parker, Keith & Sian, Norman Dawson, me, Peter Charlesworth, and Ricky O'Hara



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    Well unfortunately I wont be going!!! Other than a quick trip to the petrol station last week today was the first real run out of the year. Due to the fact I don't trust the car because it always breaks down I was having a drive round the local area to put some miles on it before I took it for a long ride out and and low and behold it breaks down again after 15-20 miles of driving around! Rac man after spending well over an hour on it tows me back home. Its not getting any fuel. Before it was put away last year (and broke down on two separate occasions trying to get back from the garage) among other work it had a new fuel pump and replacement tank so further investigation is needed there but I have no idea how long its going to sort now.
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      Sorry to hear that Andy.