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Short Maestro movie on website Dutch Rac

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  • Short Maestro movie on website Dutch Rac


    You might like to see my car shown on the website of the ANWB.

    Kind regards

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    very clean, nice maestro you have
    MG Maestro turbo 437
    367 Bhp


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      Very nice no idea what you're saying though lol
      1958 Ford Consul Convertible, now being used
      1965 Ford Zodiac Executive. now being used
      1984 MG Montego EFi in black. Digital dash, putting back together
      2004 MGZT cdti. Great workhorse
      2004 MGZT V8. Back on the road. now being used


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        Originally posted by Jeff Turbo View Post
        Very nice no idea what you're saying though lol
        In short I tell things about what I like about the car and what the car is like.

        For instance things like I bought the car about 10 years ago from the first owner and the memories about my fathers car.


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          Originally posted by charliecosworth View Post
          very clean, nice maestro you have

          I really like my Maestro!

          I have all the documents and bills from new. Even the original Unipart Maestro brochure. The steering wheel (which is a kind of unknown) is featured in this brochure.

          The car has got a s-series motor but still has the old dashboard and the bounty blue seats. At the time it was the most luxurious version of the Austin Maestro in Holland. Over here they didn't import the Vandenplas version.


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            In Holland we say motor when we talk about the thing you call engine.. ;-)


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              I have the same steering wheel I picked up a few years ago.

              Mine has a flush fitting centre badge with a horn push facility though. Nice soft genuine leather too.

              It says "Made in Italy" on the back so may have some pedigree.



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                Nice to see the same steering wheel! Mine also says Made in Italy. I suppose it was quite an expensive item at those days.


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                  The exotic De Tomaso deauville from Italy does have the same steering wheel as the Maestro Unipart steering wheel! Except of course without the fancy logo.

                  I was quite amazed.


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                    Have been looking for one of these Unipart Sports steering wheels for ages, but I'm delighted to say I've finally found and won one on Ebay