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Austin Maestro 1.6 HLS production figures

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  • Austin Maestro 1.6 HLS production figures

    I was wondering if anyone can help.

    Iím entering my Austin Maestro 1.6 HLS into the Festival of the Unexceptional car show this month and I need to try and find out the number of 1.6 HLS models that were made.

    Does anyone have any idea how I could find this out? Iíve found out total Maestro production, and the numbers of each model left, but not how many individual models were actually made.

    If you can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.

    Thanks, Andy

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    someone might actually know the correct answer, not sure if it will be somewhere on AR online somewhere, if not might be worth asking on there. As rough idea the highest number on here is 19,000 which is probably a clue as to the right answer ..


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      I don't know how many were built, but there were 29,000 registered in the UK between launch and 1986 if that helps.


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        Thanks for your help, it gives me some idea for sure


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          The HLS went out of production late 1985, to be replaced by the Mayfair. I brought one of the last models in Jan 1986 as Rover had knocked 10% off the price and the dealer also took another 10% off. Ended up paying £6322. The first of the Montego dash cars had just arrived at the dealer and I could have had one of these in L spec for about the same price. Oporto Red, my colour of choice at the time! The digital dash was an option on the HLS, but can't say I have ever seen one! Also the cheese grater alloys, which I would have had, if any stock cars had had them.