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    The one thing I can never resist, after buying a car is to buy is in this case maestro /rover /unipart accessories.
    I have got maestro head light covers, the unipart fog lamp kit, rover dog gaurd, seat cover, unipart maestro - montego thick rubber mats.
    Maestro carpet mats , rechargeable tourch ,road side tourch (hella lamp), rover fire extinguisher, rover fist aid kit and rover touring bag with warning triangle and roll.
    Could never get hold of the maestro easy load floor or the curse control fitting for the maestro/montego ,but did get the base kit.
    As you could imagine I was on first name terms with the local rover dealer parts department ( Richard courts).
    At the time I was buying stuff they never seen before , but they still struggled to get some it in the early 90,s.
    So what you got hidden a way.

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    Blimey, haven't got anything like that. I sold off most of my things when i sold on my last Turbo
    1958 Ford Consul Convertible. Away for the winter
    1965 Ford Zodiac Executive. Undercover for the winter
    1984 MG Montego EFi in black. Digital dash, putting back together
    2004 MGZT cdti. Great workhorse
    2004 MGZT V8. Back on the road. Away for the winter


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      I know,
      have probably got a bit more in loft, need to have a look at some point. To sort it all out!