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  • Insurance

    Hi, just wondering if your classic car insurance has gone up since last year just started looking around . They seem to have gone up around 40%, It,s not much to start with but even so.
    Thanks Alan.

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    Know what you mean, but I got my mg montego with agreed value 10000 for 80 with Lancaster
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      Mine went down 10 and I also got an extra 1000 put on the agreed valuation that I didn't ask for. Gone from 12k to 13k. I am with lancaster.
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        Really did not have much time to sort out the Maestro insurance . Just been finishing of the house we rent out.
        But managed to get 20 of the renewal , with are last insurance Peter best.
        So went back with them.


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          Yeah my renewal for my MGB and MG metro had gone up - talked to insurer after requoting got the MGB for 40 less than renewal quote but still 30 more than i paid last year
          Silver MG Maestro - C555, needs some anti rust love