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    Good evening people,

    I have a dilemma. Last week my Ledbury failed the MOT on the Lambda part of the emissions test. It is suspected that the cat is at fault, and here's the rub, I had intended to run the car until early next year, and then move it on, but now I wonder should I let it go as it is to someone who has the time, contacts and patience to sort it out, or fix it? I really haven't the time, I had to repair the exhaust in the summer, it fell off partly due to corrosion on one of our magnificently maintained rural roads. With only 58,000kms it is way too good to throw away, the tester was amazed at how clean it is underneath.

    Does anyone want a cheap Ledbury to repair?

    Can anyone point me towards a new exhaust system?

    How long is a piece of string?

    Sensible answers please.

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    Hi Fenland Ledbury, please check this link and scroll down to Chart 2 "Emissions limits of passenger cars first used on or after 1st August 1992". Neither EFI Maestros or EFI Montegos appear in the EGA database or the in service Emissions book (i.e they are both (in effect) exempt from a CAT emissions test) so as long as your Maestro is within less than 3.5% CO and 1200ppm HC it shouldn't fail on emissions alone.
    Once i have educated the MOT tester i try and stick to that garage so they know going forward. I wonder how many EFI Maestros and EFI Montegos have been scrapped for "failing" the emission test? I, of course, stand corrected if others know different. My Montego estate "failed" this year as the tester wasn't aware of these exemptions but once he checked his database flow chart a pass certificate was issued. Hope this helps if only that you have an MOT on the car to sell it with.......
    I'm sorry i can't point you in the direction of a new exhaust system but i'm sure someone will come forward with an answer.
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