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  • Jeff Turbo
    Rimmers system works but if they don't have the part number it diverts to the nearest number, rover part number no longer works a it goes to the new owners of xpart. If you put in a part number etc on their new site they then they email third parties who have that part, if you then want you buy it, they then charge you the privilege of finding it for you once you've paid putting the finders fee on top

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  • TLC
    started a topic Parts avalability /Help

    Parts avalability /Help

    Its seams that companys like rimmers and xpart are making it difficult to find parts X-part finder is no longer avalable and you have to contact them with a part number and not all staff have acces to old tecnical ingornation on trhe parts .The same with Rimmer who have updated there system to windows 10 and is not compatable with ther older system .Without there help and parts the future is going to be extreamly difficult for the Montego/Maestro owners if the club dosent ask them to help us