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    Hi, I have just bought a 1989 2l MG Maestro. Its had some really fastidious owners, but there is always something to do. First question for all you guys and gals who have far more knowledge that me, is..... where is the Fuel injection ECU.... and what is the original part number for this? I have been offered an unused ECU, but i would like to check that it is precisely the right tune before i buy. And of course, is it worth putting one of these on the shelf for a rainy day or are these ECU just bomb proof. Apart from that, what a great bit of kit this model is. Even now, it raises some very puzzled looks for drivers of modern porridge as it both goes and handles in a most unexpected fashion

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    The ignition ecu is on the nearside inner front wing. The black box, why do you ask? Is there a problem with it? MG Maestro efi was a very underrated car but ticked all the right boxes
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      Hello and welcome.
      We have got a 89 F plate mg maestro, they are really good fun. We have had it since 06, we have replaced a alternator and the fuel pump and cv boot .
      We also had a earth fault that stopped it starting, but other than that it,s been good.
      I now what you mean about the way they go.


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        The fuel ECU is behind the glovebox