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Rear screen and side window seals

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  • Rear screen and side window seals

    Hi everybody,

    I recently bought into the Maestro "thing".

    I've noticed though that my boot is filling up with water from the rear screen (a lot) and I've got a very minor leak through the seal of the near side rear window.

    This must be quite new as it's one of the cleanest boot floors I've seen on any car. It's gathering between the crossmember and the rear valance just behind and below the light cluster.

    My tailgate is a rusty number and needs repairing but I don't have a garage and don't want to take the screen out if I don't have a seal that fits to put back on.

    The side window looks purely to be a crack in the rubber seal at the bottom so would like to get this done before the rust sets in.

    So, how do the people here replace these and where do you get your parts?

    I can't find anything related to side window seal or rear seal on these, I saw the Yorkshire based company (that's mentioned on here in a post somewhere) still sell replacement front seals (although do not know the quality) so I've sent an enquiry to them over the weekend.

    I read on the forum that universal seals do fit the fronts but cannot find any posts relating to the rear. Although there was a post on here suggesting that front seals fit the rear, but I can't find anything to verify this. Does anyone have experience with this?

    I'm also tempted to pump silicone into the seal as a temporary fix until I can source the right part in the hope of protecting my rear valance and boot floor as the screen area needs repairing anyway. Is this advisable or not?

    The car is suprisingly solid everywhere else, it's had work done. If I could find a solid tailgate I'd just replace it as the bottom of the tailgate is rusting from the inside. This looks like either the leaky window or maybe the washer jet on the rear leaking in the past. Neither front or back washer jets work effectively at the moment but that's the least of my worries for now.

    Thanks in advance!