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Tyre Recommendation for 14" 'Cheesegrater' alloys

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  • Tyre Recommendation for 14" 'Cheesegrater' alloys

    I have a Maestro 1986 1.3 L which is fitted with 13" steel wheels with 155/80 13 tyres. I'm going to fit a set of 14" Cheesegrater style wheels to it.

    What size tyres would you recommend fitting to it? Are 185s too big?

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    As far as I remember 185 will fit no problem. I'd be tempted to stick to 175 though as steering will be lighter with a less wide tyre also grip on wet/snowy roads will be better. Depends if you plan on driving on wet roads or not I guess.


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      Hi DoctorDiesel77

      Thank you for the advice. I think I will go with 175s



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        Ive just started running a montego td estate only 52k fitted with mgf 15" wheels Anyone had experience with this mod and recommend a tyre it has 195 65 15 on rears and 185 55 15 on the front I would like to have same tyres all round also I get a induction whoosh sound at higher revs maybe the turbo there dont seem to be rips in ducting and have revved motor when stationary and cannot hear or feel a leak is there anyone around Sheffield area Im on 07984411704


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          I'm not sure, but vaguely remember MGF wheels being different width front and rear, the rim width should be cast into the wheel on the back, where the part number is. This chart gives the suitable tyre widths for each wheel width and this one should help you to work out what profile you want. The original steel wheels had 185/65/14" tyres, so you can work out which way you want to go from that, increasing the overall diameter should have a slight benefit on fuel consumption and will make the speedo slightly less optimistic. Other than that it depends how you would like it to look, that website has a lot of useful information on it, so should be useful. The whooshing noise does sound like a leak, I think you'd notice if it was on the exhaust side, but could be the short pipe to inlet manifold, it could be sealing at lower pressures and only leaking on full power, did you check that clips are tight? Probably worth checking that wastegate is free and working and that the little pipe to the injector pump is in one piece, not easy to diagnose from a distance and I'm not near Sheffield.... All of the similar noises I've had have been down to leaks, but some were easier to find than others!...Good luck, John


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            The MGF does indeed need different size tyres front and rear. Many handling problems have resulted in people running unreconmended sizes. I run 15" MGF VVC wheeels on my MG Maestro with the standard MG Maestro trye size of 185/55/15. I really don't see the need to run anything different, unless you want to lenghen the gearing a bit and run 185/60/15?