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  • Alloy wheel advice

    Hi All

    I’d really appreciate some advice.

    I have a maestro LX to which I would like to fit a set of lattice alloys to.

    I have 2 sets of these alloys. One set is a 5.5J x 15 and one is a 6J x 15. Do both of these fit a maestro, or is the 6J for a Montego?

    Any advice on tyre sizes that would fit both the 5.5J and the 6J set and look the part would also be appreciated .

    Thanks !


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    The Maestros had 5.5j, Montego was 6j, but either will fit, just depends on what width tyre you prefer, the chart on here shows the range of possible widths As far as profile goes, it depends what balance between comfort and handling you prefer. Using lower profile tyres will tend to make speedo overread more than it does already


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      Thanks for the info.

      Id like an all round balance of look and comfort for the tyre so will check the tyre size calculator out. You’re right, My speedo tells me I’m going faster than I should be already by about 5-8 mph!


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        Rover fitted 185/55 15 tyres on the Maestro 5.5j alloys, which will give you a starting point for the outside diameter..


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          Excellent, thanks . I was looking at either 185 or 175’s, so that’s useful. I’m inclined to stick with 185/55 if that was standard fit.


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            I have a 1.3LX and I retro fitted it with the 5.5J lattice alloys and also run 185/55/15 tyres. Straight fit and no problems.


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              Hi Carfix

              Thanks for your post - does your car sit well on the larger rims and tyres?