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Montego digidash sensors - 34 of them?

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  • Montego digidash sensors - 34 of them?

    Hello all,

    I am trying to identify all the sensors on an early MG Montego which fed into the vehicle information system (digidash). Thanks to Jeff, Keith, and John Parker, I understand that there are 34 sensors, but I can only identify 24/25 of them (is ‘service due’ a sensor?) Looking at the list below, what have I missed?
    1. Outside air temperature sensor
    2. Front light bulb fail monitor
    3. Engine oil level probe
    4. Coolant level probes
    5. Brake pad sensor (x4)
    6. Oil pressure sensor
    7. Brake fluid level sensor
    8. Road speed transducer
    9. Washer reservoir probes
    10. Fuel ECU
    11. Fuel gauge tank unit
    12. Handbrake switch
    13. Doorlatch sensor (x4)
    14. Rear lightbulb fail monitor
    15. Boot latch sensor
    16. Lights on
    17. Service due
    18. Battery charging
    19. Engine temperature



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    There is only one brake pad sensor on the front Offside not on any others. Outside temp sensor is a probe, boot and doors don't have sensors, service interval works via the calender, no sensor on ecu, bulb fail monitors are two front and two rear, hand brake switch is the normal one, brake fluid is the normal one,
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      I would suggest Ignition ECU (for engine speed) and bonnet switch.
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