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Dash Removal Tip.

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  • Dash Removal Tip.

    Dash Removal Tip.

    If you are unlucky enough to have any of the 4 Torq bolts, (2 each side of the dash) keep spinning around i.e. it has lost its captive nut retainer, which should be holding the nut, you are in deep trouble.

    This is the position I found myself. Fortunately I was working on a scrap Monty, so it did not matter if I damaged the dash. As I didn't have any other options, I eventually did this.I could not remove the dash with wrecking it.
    Now if you do not have this luxury of a scrap dash to play on, here is a way getting the Torq bolts out by stopping these loose captive nuts from spinning. Make yourself a long cranked "thin" 2mm thick, 19mm open ended spanner.

    Remove the vent, by gently levering it out with a flat bladed screw driver.
    You will see the black plastic air vent tube.
    Slide/hammer in your new spanner between the vent tube and the inside face of the dashboard, thereby capturing the loose captive nut. You should now be able to undo and take out the Torq bolt normally.
    Hopefully this method saves you damaging the only dash you have.

    kind regards

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    Nice tip and nice find if the replacement dash is a good one
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