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PG1 gearbox bearings.

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  • PG1 gearbox bearings.

    Not sure if this is covered elsewhere, if it is, I couldn't find it. The original gearbox bearings were RHP, so I have included their numbers, as well as numbers for available replacements. Starting from the clutch and following the shafts through the gearbox. Rover part number, then RHP, then number taken from the box my new ones came in.
    Input shaft oil seal, CDU72, 28X43X7. .
    Input shaft bearing. CDU66, 3/MJ28, Koyo. 63/28.
    Other end of input shaft, standard gearbox.(75mm od) CDU74. 4/MJ28. PFI. BB1B362021. (strange but true, this bearing is the same as the one used on the back of a Ford type9 gearbox mainshaft, Ford part number 6094953)
    turbo x or u spec gearbox (78mm od). CDU73. 3/LJ28. NTN. SCO690. Honda part number 91004-px5-008
    Countershaft bearing standard gearbox. CDU78. 3LDJK25. NSK BD2549T1XNXCA24.
    Turbo u and x spec have two bearings, ball bearing is. CDU79. 43/LJ25. NTN OPG2SX05A45NCS08.
    roller is. CDU80. 3/LRJA25. NSK M25-9
    Countershaft roller bearing. standard and turbo x spec gearbox (33mm shaft). CDU 68. 2/LLRJ33. NTN 8E-NK33X60X20-9
    turbo u spec gearbox (35mm shaft). CDU67. RJ2024. NSK. VP35-6
    Diff bearings. CDU85. they are a standard bearing. 6208 C3
    gear selector shaft seal. CDU71. replacecement was CORTECO. 19026212B. TC5Y. 14X25X11/17.5. ACM
    Right hand diff seal CDU69. 40X62/69X7.5/12.5
    Left hand diff seal CDU75. 40X76/83X8.5/12.5

    I am more used to imperial sized bearings, so may have included some irrelevant details, but this may help to ensure that your supplier supplies the correct parts, no prizes for guessing what mine supplied first time around ha ha ha...
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    Hello Doctordiesel. First of all, I want to say thanks and congratulate you for you post because its the most complete info about PG1 bearings I have been able to find online!

    I have a question regarding the bearing CDU74. Mi gearbox has indeed a CDU74 bearing on the outer side of the main shaft and this bearing is 75x28x19. However you say that this is interchangeable with the ford 6094953 or the PFI. BB1B362021. However I have find that this bearing is 75x28x20.

    Is that extra 1mm on width not gonna be a problem? I guess it wont allow to close the casing or it will load the bearing axially too much, right? Or maybe the casing has some circlip that can be removed to allow for extra axial space for the bearing?


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      Cheers! I did it because there seemed to be a lack of info on line and I hate paying top price for bearings ha ha ha...You have just explained something that I had noticed....I got the Ford cross reference by cross referencing the pfi one, which came in a (not particulary cheap) kit of bearings that I ordered before I started looking into the bearings too hard......there are shims and a belleville washer to control preload on the bearings...I had to buy the thinnest shims from Rimmers to get it right, but at the time just put it down to sloppy tolerances somewhere long th line....but if the bearing is wider, all is explained, presumably the bearing firm would know this, but didn't mention it....


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        The shims are shown on here at #23 along with a list of available thicknesses, I forget what mine had in originally, but I know it has half millimetre one in now and is at the tight end of tolerances.


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          That ford bearing you got is it steel caged or plastic caged? If you got it into tolerances you will be fine.


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            think I've got one plastic, one steel caged one, the one I used already was steel if I remember rightly