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Maestro/Montego Turbo Oil Filters

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  • Maestro/Montego Turbo Oil Filters

    The Unipart code for this part is ADU9826(EVA). The Turbo filter is squatter and fatter than the standard 2.0 filter to account for the higher flow from the Turbo. Specifically it should be 96mm high and 97mmin diameter and with a 13/16 thread.

    Other manufacturers part numbers for this are: FRAM PH4835; AP-LOCKHEED CA155; BORG-BECK BFO4047; Bosch 0451104026; Bosch P4026; CHAMPION B103606; CLEAN DO882/DO926/FO9233; Comline EOF026; COOPERS Z867; COOPERS-FIAAM FT5124; CROSLAND 2076; FIBA F533; FIL FILTER ZP62B; Filtron OP5802/OP5803; FIRST-AUTOMOTIVE L40600; GOODWILL OG101/OG101HQ; HENGST H90W29; Japanparts JFO497; JC-PREMIUM B14003PR; KAGER 100167; KNECHT OC2371; LUCAS LFOS184; LYNXauto LC1120; Magneti Marelli 150180050600/152071758793/154098241450/71758793; MAHLE OC237/OC2371-1; Mann W713/28/W71328; MECAFILTER ELH4181/H46/H48; MGA FH1085; MISFAT Z246; MOTAQUIP VFL211; MULLER FO600; OPEN-PARTS EOF410620; QUINTON HAZELL QFL0209/QOF5456; SCT SM164; Sofima S3246R; SOGEFI FT5124; TECNOCAR R106/R506; UFI 2324600; UNICO-FILTER LI710015/LI710028; UNIPART GFE174/GFE189/GFE36/GFE376; Valeo 586048/586074; WILMINK-GROUP WG1217074; Wix AP626/WL7212

    With so many alternatives, it cannot be guaranteed that every one is a correct equivalent. Please ensure that the sizes and thread match those above otherwise the filter may not do its job correctly on your engine.

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    More info on the large capacity filters - the original Unipart GFE189 is 95mm deep and 95mm diameter.
    AsPete said, you should check that anything in the cross-ref list is the same size - many OEM and aftermarket suppliers are 'economical' with their specs and take the view that if it fits it will do!
    As an example, as I happen to have one in my parts box, the Mann W713/28 is only 90mm by 78mm which I think is the Efi size. Caveat Emptor....