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1985 Maestro 1.6 HLS rear shock absorbers - does size matter?

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  • 1985 Maestro 1.6 HLS rear shock absorbers - does size matter?

    Hello - My 1985 Maestro 1.6 HLS needs new rear shock absorbers. Apparently there are two sizes - 157mm and 181mm. They are 181mm on the car at the moment. A garage has said that back in the day they were interchangeable. Someone else has said the 181mm is meant for the estate (Montego). Does anyone know what size they should be? My gut feeling is just to put 181mm on as that's what is already on. Maybe there is a reason. Apparently as well there were two sizes at the front - 250 or 264. Would that make a difference to the rear - should the bigger fronts go with the bigger rears? Does it matter? I don't know what size the front ones are. Any insight / advice / part numbers etc welcome. Thanks, Andy

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    There are two different sizes. I would go with what's on it otherwise it will alter the ride height.
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      Thanks yes. I decided to fit the same size as those on there already.